Ng-Laplace Scale
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The Ng-Laplace Scale is an important foundation for the AI Treaty.  The Scale defines the state of a planet with regards to its biosphere and, therefore, the degree to which it may be devoped and/or colonized.  

NL Value Meaning
0Dead world – no detectable biosphere. Permits unrestricted development.
1Early stage biosphere. Development usually possible.
2Complex biosphere. Generally includes large animals. Development restricted.
3Intelligent life at pre-technological levels. Development prohibited. Contact strictly regulated.
4Intelligent life, developed but planet bound. Development prohibited. Contact regulated.
5Intelligent life, spacefaring but pre-FTL. Development prohibited. Peaceful contact allowed, but AIs must mediate all technology transfer.
6Intelligent life, FTL-capable. Development prohibited. Peaceful contact allowed.

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