Edge Station

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This dystopian novel takes place several hundred years in the future.  Faster-than-light travel, artificial gravity, longevity treatments, and personal augmentation implants are a reality.  There are successful colony worlds.  Private yachts visit distant star systems.  For those with the means, life can be very good.


Human society, however, is far from equitable.  Over the years, the wealth pyramid has grown ever sharper and higher.  Private security forces and a ubiquitous propaganda machine enforce an institutionalized hierarchy.  The Prime Families — the major shareholders of the largest corporations — control nearly all wealth.  They reserve entire planets as their private playgrounds. 

The executive class lies immediately beneath that of the Prime Families.  Brilliant, ruthless, the executive class wages a never-ending battle within its ranks.  Fortunes rise, power accumulates, only to be undercut, sabotaged, and redistributed. 

And at the bottom of the pyramid, the vast majority of humanity just manages to get by.  They work long hours, under difficult conditions, for pay that is strictly limited.  Workers rent sleep cubbies in facilities owned by corporations.  They eat in company cafeterias.  Their words and actions are monitored by Corporate Security.

The only unalloyed forces for good in this arrangement are the fourth-generation AIs.  Banned from the inner worlds through the terms of the AI Treaty, these machines have autonomy at the fringes of human space.  Despite Spartan living conditions, the ordinary people who work at the edge stations enjoy more freedom than their counterparts on the inner worlds.

Edge Station is the story of Emmett Teninger, a former team leader at corporate headquarters, who tries to reinvent himself as a scout ship pilot on the frontier.

Edge Station Extras

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  4. Part of the AI Treaty, the Ng-Laplace Scale ties resource exploitation to biosphere complexity.
  5. Here are several tables of physical constants, parameters, etc.  Some are real; others fictional.
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