Crows' Gambit


As of today (Monday, November 2nd, 2015) both Paperback and Kindle versions are now available.  

This one is very different from my other Locust Queen and Edge Station.  It’s more what they’re now calling “Slipstream.”  That’s a new-ish genre that is distinct from Fantasy and Science Fiction but which borrows some elements from those more traditional categories.  In some ways, many ways, Crows is a mystery.  A lot of what happens is possible, but a few things are supernatural.

A little bit of inside information: each chapter begins with a photo processed to look like a pencil drawing.  L & I took the photos — nearly all of them in our backyard.  I used GIMP (Gnu Image Processor) and PhotoSketcher to do the processing.  The end result looks especially good in the paperback, but I think it even adds a bit of ambiance to the Kindle version. 

And some cover trivia…

  1. I took the photo of our deck w/ the sheet music, pocket watch, and dice in place.  The crow images were added via GIMP.  The whole composition was submitted to the CreateSpace “Cover Creator” tool as a background image.
  2. The top sheet of music is something I roughed out.  It’s not a real composition, but the title is “The Crow Knows.”  The lower sheets are public domain, circa 1920.

Oh, and here’s an image of the cover:


Crows’ Gambit, Final Cover Version

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