A Fragment of Nothing

I released this book, in both it’s eBook (Kindle) and print forms in the first week of May, 2017.  Here’s a description:

The Locust Queen is dead, but she held onto her rage and madness until the very end.  With her last breath, she cursed her nemesis, the immortal Giuseppe Tablarasa (aka, “Joe Tabs”).  

The ripples of the Queen's death spread outwards, and now the Elder Gods stir in their fitful slumber.  Already, probability storms surge from the depths of Chaos to crash upon the boundary lands.  If the Ramparts of Chaos are breached, all the worlds of the Great Hub could fall.  A Warrior-Abbot from the Valley of the Chthonae joins forces with a Sidhe-human halfling to seek help

Marooned in the depths of Chaos, Iris Abellona struggles to maintain her life and sanity.  Her lover, Joe Tabs, is relentlessly pursued by the Creature of Negation, a monster spawned by the Queens final curse.  

And, unaware of the forces swirling around him, Reed Woodruff invites his friends to visit his native world.  Before long, the trip goes badly awry.

A Fragment of Nothing is Part Two in the Saga of the Place Between Worlds.  The trilogy began with The Locust Queen’s Feast and will conclude with Part Three, A Lullaby for the Gods.

© Michael C. Glaviano 2009 - 2016