So, What’s Your Ideal Job?

Re-entering the workforce, especially when seriously considering changing professions, is full of new experiences.  It’s also full of repeats.  Rejections, missed calls.  Deafening silence.  

Certain questions keep popping up.  For example, several interviewers ask me variations on the question, "What would be your ideal job?"   This always makes me hesitate.  I have a good idea what my ideal for work is, so it's not that I can't articulate it.  Rather, it's that I often doubt that the work under discussion is likely to fit the criteria I have in mind.  Talk about an interview killer.

So here, for reference, are my criteria for the ideal work situation:

The work will be interesting, challenging, do-able, and contribute to the success of the enterprise.  This will keep me stimulated and allow me to learn and grow.

I will believe in the product or service that underlies the main mission of the organization.  This will provide passion, so that I am eager to tackle challenges.  This makes the struggle worthwhile.

I will interact with intelligent people in a congenial environment.  Organizations without this attribute often have their competitive guns turned inward, which is a waste of energy.

The organization's karma is good.  No bombs, no death, no mayhem.  No deliberate environmental destruction or worker exploitation.  Ideally, there are genuine efforts towards environmental stewardship and community involvement.

The work provides a living wage.

On the surface, this list doesn’t seem so terribly deal killing, does it?  In some ways one might consider these criteria to be the basic minimum.    

So how does your work measure up to your “Ideal?”

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