Falling for a Pretty Face

I had decided that I should add to my arsenal in the dimension of what I call "electronika".  This meant, in part, that I once again dip a toe inthe troubled waters of (gasp) midi guitar.  I've dabbled in this particular sonic neighborhood a number of times over the years.  Sometimes I am enamored with the amazing sounds that are available.  Other times I am frustrated by the gap that lies between the analog world of guitars and the digital world of synthesizers.

Anyway, I decided to take the plunge.  Which guitar controller should I buy, though?  At the time, I was living in the wilds of Colorado, literally hundreds of driving miles are involved in getting to a store and testing a small number of models. I had done some research and thought perhaps one of the Brian Moore guitars would do the job.  It was a 90+ mile round-trip (on a hard road) to a store that had a couple of these.  Then, of course, there is the Godin SA line.  I checked with a store that's a mere 20 miles away (on an easy road in the opposite direction) and was assured that they had some of the models that interested me.  I opted for easy.

So I drove down and talked to a guy behind the counter.  He wasn't the guy I talked to on the phone, and of course *none* of the models I cared about were in stock.  There were, however, two different Godin SA models to choose from.  I decided, "Shucks, while I'm here I might as well check them out.  There's no rush."

Now here's where I made my mistake.  The guy helping me showed me this absolutely lovely Godin Multiac Jazz SA.  It had some of the things I wanted -- ebony fretboard, good tone, etc.  And plugged into a Roland GR-33, well it could do what I wanted just fine in the electronika department, thank you very much.  It had a beautiful, beautiful flamed maple top (warning bells here).  The only trouble was, I didn't like the feel of the neck.  It was very different from all the rest of my guitars.

But it was so beautiful.  I happened to have looked at these and knew the rough price on them.  The asking price wasn't too bad.  And it was so beautiful.  And it did the synth thing so well.  But the neck didn't feel "right" in my hand.  But it was so beautiful.  Get the picture?  This went around and around in my head.

The internal dialog went like this: 

Rational Brain [RB]:  "It's not right for your hand.  Say thank you and drive to the other store to check out the Brian Moore models."

Brain Falling for Pretty Face [BFPF]:  "It's beautiful.  It does everything you want.  You'll get used to the neck."

RB: "There's no rush here.  At least ask to look at the other Godin model that's in stock."

BFPF: "Hey, you've jammed on classical, nylon string guitars and gotten used to the big fat necks and this isn't as different as that.  You'll get used to it.  It's not a big deal.  And it's a beautiful guitar." 

RB: "Put it down.  Even if you have to wait 'til next weekend to make the trek up north, you should take your time."

BFPF: "Yeah, and I'll go 'way up there.  They won't have what I want.  In the meantime, someone else will buy this BEAUTIFUL GUITAR, and I'll be stuck."

You can see where this is going.  I bought it.  I played it at home.  Some of my buddies played it.  They said, "Hey, it's not that different."  I recorded with it.  The electronika thing was dynamite.  The jazz tone got a little tiresome (I already had a jazz guitar that I love).  The neck… well, the fingerboard was great, but I didn't like the neck.  In fact it was starting to bug me.

So, through no fault of its own, the guitar ended up in the case most of the time.  It was indeed a beautiful guitar, but it wasn't right for me.  And I didn’t feel good about not playing it.

Eventually, I sold it and had one of my other guitars retrofitted with an RMC pickup/preamp system to drive my guitar synth gear.  This move represented a smaller incremental cost than buying a new Brian Moore.  The good news is that I managed to get a good price on the Godin (no dings at all -- I had hardly played it).  The bad news is that the total cost, spread over a multi-month period was more than had I stuck with my original plan.

So I wonder how the scenario would have worked out had I stuck with that original plan.  I wonder how it would have worked out had I not fallen for that pretty face.  Such is life, eh?

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