Edge Station Slang
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Term Meaning
C&C Command and Control
Delta-V Depending on context either change in velocity – i.e. acceleration – or simply a shorthand way of saying “relative velocity.”
EM electromagnetic
Gasbag Pilot slang. Refers to gas giant planets.
Klick one kilometer
Navcomp Navigational computer. Specialized hardware to handle intra-system as well as interstellar navigation.
P&L Profit and Loss. Aspect of conventional corporate accounting practices.
R&R Rejuvenation & Renewal – life extension technology. Advanced R&R services are reserved for society’s higher echelons. Limited R&R is theoretically available to all who are able to pay for it. Note drift from historical "Relaxation and Recreation" meaning.
S&A Survey & Analysis – a key department on Edge Stations.
Sani-bot Small, unobtrusive automatons that handle most sanitation and cleanup activities in human facilities such as the edge stations.

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