Edge Station Characters
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On Edge Station Four
Arthur Jamison Station Manager
Esther The Station AI – A Strongly-Ethical, 4th Generation AI
Petrus "Peter" Lintzgrad Chief of Station Security
Jeanette Ptomkin Arthur Jamison's estranged wife. Life-support tech w/ an advanced engineering background.
Arthur Jamison's Staff
Ralph Edgemont Station HR Manager – Dotted line to Arthur Jamison
Andrea Jilsdotter Head of Survey & Analysis Department
Tadashi Yamada Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
Daphne Fontaine Chief of Station Operations
Yolanda "Lani" Borges Chief Science Officer (CSO)
Eric Harmon Chief of IT (CIT)
Andrea Jilsdotter's Survey & Analysis Department
Sarah Jackson Scout Pilot. Most years in service.
Corey Martell Scout Pilot, Chief Pilot & Sabina Guardia's Lover/Partner
Landau Cooper Scout Pilot
Sabina Guardia Scout Pilot, Corey Martel's Lover/Partner
Anijah Kelly Scout Pilot
Waylon Jones Scout Pilot
Kim Worthington Scout Pilot – Second Pilot
Emmett Teninger Scout Pilot, Formerly a senior team leader at IRC Headquarters.
Don Stevens Tech. Known for rough, blunt behavior
Lonny Clendenon Tech. Personable, well-liked
Abigail Baker Tech. Extremely introverted
Edison Chene Tech. Also extremely introverted
At Interstellar Resources, Inc., Corporate Headquarters
Darius Foster Bailey Chief Executive VP of Colonial Development
Herman Dalakis Head of D.F. Bailey’s Personal Security Team
Phillip Coppans Second in Line (after Herman Dalakis) in Bailey's Security Team
Samuel Rantzig Third in Line in Bailey's Security Team
James Oliver VP of Boundary Exploration (Arthur Jamison’s Boss)
Eileen Baranova VP of Boundary Development
Joyce Yamamoto VP of Transport Services
Drake von Olmstadt VP of Technical Services
Cicely Roberts VP of Finance
Augustus Tambe Legal Counsel (Assigned to Bailey's Organization)
The Avians
Flap Avian Ambassador. Member of Host Originals (m)
Shadow Member of Clutch Guardians (f, Crosswind's Mate)
Crosswind Member of Clutch Guardians (m, Shadow's Mate)
Chanteuse Member of Host Originals (f)
Echo Member of Host Originals (m)
Pinion Member of Host Originals (f)
Nimbus Member of Throng Aesthetics (m)
Officers in the IRC Expeditionary Force
Ashten Corithene Commodore. His flagship is the cruiser Majestic.
Joseph Averan Captain of the IRC Destroyer Hammer

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