Edge Station Acronyms
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Acronym Meaning Notes
AIR AI Interface Room Nested Acronym. Control room for the hardware on which the station’s artificial intelligence runs.
CEVP Chief Executive Vice President
CMO Chief Medical Officer
CSO Chief Science Officer
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
EVA Extra Vehicular Activity
FTL Faster Than Light
GCP Gross Colonial Product
GeV Giga electron-Volt One billion electron-Volts (a measure of energy)
GGZ Gas Giant Zone Region in a planetary system occupied mainly by gas giants
HWS Home World Standard Characteristics of humanity’s home system. Mostly used as a basis for comparison.
IRC Interstellar Resources Corporation, Inc. Parent conglomerate. Supplies resource acquisition & extraction (mining) services, transportation and shipping services, private security services, state military services, exploration services, colony setup and management, etc.
LWZ Liquid Water Zone Range of distances from a star within which water on a planet’s surface can exist in a liquid state. Also “LWAZ” – LWZ plus an asteroid belt
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures Reliability metric. Large MTBF is good.
OIC Officer In Charge
PIP Picture-In-Picture Smaller video or image window superimposed over a larger one. Concept extensible to holo tanks.
PSO Planet Synchronous Orbit Obvious extension of A.C. Clarke’s Geo-Synchronous Orbit concept.
ROI Return On Investment
TeV Tera electron-Volt One thousand GeV

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