What’s Happening

As I type this, I’m waiting to hear that the PT house has closed escrow.  That will be a big milestone… and the end of a significant chapter in our lives.  We’ll miss the 48th parallel but it’s time to move on.  Today, in anticipation of a successful close, we shut down the utilities.  Hope we weren’t being overly optimistic, but it seems that if there were a problem, we’d have heard about it by now.  

Interestingly, one of the four utility providers (the city water company) had already received official notice from the title company.  Apparently the others hadn’t received the memo.  One, when I asked, sounded faintly offended: “It’s your responsibility to shut off the electricity and the new peoples’ responsibility to have it turned on.  And they’ll have to fill out some forms too.”  Whatever.

The exterior doors have been installed on the new house.  The old ones were leaky and decrepit.  Just swapping out the doors improved the building envelope to a noticeable degree.  The new windows (2nd half of May) should take that up another big notch.  

Today I did a few little things around the house.  The previous owner had (just barely) screwed a mailbox to the exterior wall of the porch, using two out of the three screw holes.  The screws projected over an inch into the mailbox’s interior, which probably annoyed the mailman daily.  The fact that the mailbox hung off the wall and flopped around probably wasn’t too cool either.  Anyway, some drilling, some moly inserts, and the right sized screws improved things a lot.  The mailbox is snugged up tight to the wall.  No wobbles.  

There was also a string-pull bell that (literally) fell off the wall when I touched it to see how secure it was.  I fixed that too: same mitigation technique as for the mailbox.  Not rocket science.

In a half hour or so, a designer from one of the renovation contractors is supposed to show up to present her ideas.  Looking forward to that, though we won’t do anything ’til we see the money from the PT house.

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