Pretty Cool

One of my old college / musician buddies now works for Spectra Logic.  They create & sell storage, backup, and date archival systems, mostly solutions for large organizations (big companies, government agencies, etc.)  If you’re in Tech, you’ve probably heard of them.

A few months ago, my friend contacted me and asked me to review and comment on a book that he’d been working on.  I happily agreed.  When I received my review copy, I was pleased to note that, though the team (which included the company’s CEO) worked for Spectra Logic, they avoided the temptation to produce a marketing piece disguised as a book about data security.  The book really was about data security and the importance of backup mechanisms that aren’t subject to overlapping failure modes.

Of course I found a *bunch* of things I thought they should change, but that’s just how I am.  Later, I learned that they hired an independent, professional editor who provided essentially the same feedback.  That validation felt good personally, but it also gave the team more motivation to act on that feedback.

At the end of the project, the writing team came back to me and asked if I’d write a brief blurb for the back of the book.  So now my name’s on the back cover of a book that’s been announced on Business Wire.  

The book has its own website:  My quote is even there!

And I think that’s pretty cool. 

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