It’s Been A While

By asking about my website, one of my writer friends inadvertently reminded me that I’ve been remiss about keeping up this blog.  A lot has happened.  Here’s an abbreviated list:

  1. The PT house finally closed escrow.  There were two extensions while the buyers got on the same page as their lenders.  Stressed us out for a while, but now it’s done.
  2. L. won “Best in Show” w/ her entry in the Port Townsend Wearable Art Show.  We drove back for that event.  It was a big deal, w/ a judge from NYC, etc.  The judge does costume work for the Opera and Ballet as well as Radio City Music Hall.  He told L that hers was far-and-away the best entry, which went a long way to validating her efforts as an artist.  I’ve tried to be encouraging, but spousal support is different from getting feedback from a professional.
  3. We’re beginning some serious renovation on our 91 year old bungalow.  Work is scheduled to start in the 1st week of June.  Of course, this will be a big, disruptive mess but it’ll also be fun.  Heck, it’s already fun.  And in the end, we’ll have the place fixed up.  I’m hoping to wrap this up by summer’s end.  Crossing my fingers, but not holding my breath.
  4. The “new” town is great.  We can walk to four (count ‘em) grocery stores.  The downtown library is an easy, fifteen minute walk.  Innumerable (well, at least twenty) restaurants are also within a five to twenty-five minute walk.  We filled up the car’s gas tank before leaving Port Townsend after the Wearable Art Show (a six hour drive).  It’s been about a month since then and we still haven’t put gas in the tank.  That says something about local walkability.  Most of the time the car stays in the garage.
  5. The local weather is interesting.  “Interesting,” in this case at least, isn’t meant euphemistically.  So far the weather has been mostly mild but highly variable.  Sometimes it’s cool and rainy or misty; other times it’s hot and sunny.  More changeable than most places we’ve lived.
  6. Earlier today, I submitted the files for my updated version of The Locust Queen’s Feast to CreateSpace for evaluation.  Once they’re approved I’ll order a proof (the 3rd in this cycle).  Getting close.  The new version of Locust Queen will be probably be about one hundred eighty-seven pages shorter than the original!  Note that I haven’t changed the story in any substantive way, but I have cut a bunch of scenes and “scene-lets” that didn’t advance the plot.  Part of the learning process.
  7. I’ve been putting in as much time as possible on the sequel to Locust Queen.  It’ll be called A Fragment of Nothing.  I submit a few chapters at a time to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Online Writers’ Workshop.  Based on feedback, I edit then continue w/ the next group of chapters.  The OWW has been a great, albeit humbling, resource to me.

That’s about it for now.  

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