Well over eighty Degrees Obsolete in my office as I type this.  I met w/ an HVAC guy and a general contractor.  We talked about how we might make this room a little warmer in the winter… a little cooler in the summer.  There are constraints of course:

  1. The house was built in 1925.  The duct work is primitive, and the (ahem) opportunities to enhance the ducting are limited.
  2. The only exterior wall in my office is on the front of the house.  Hanging a heat pump out there would not enhance the curb appeal.
  3. There is an attic.  But a ceiling-vented heat pump needs significant clearance… not sure it’ll work.

At some point in the home’s history, an owner added a forced air furnace.  That’s in the basement.  We might imagine adding an AC to the system and letting a single air handler distribute cool air.  Trouble is, given the ducting, the most likely result of that would be a freezing cold video & guest room in the basement and an attic office that’s still ‘way too hot.  Might be comfy on the main floor, however.

So we’re working on it.  The HVAC guy is going to toy with some ideas.  Next week we demolish the basement in preparation for that part of the renovation.  Once the walls and ceiling are open, we’ll know better what’s feasible.

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