Goings On

A short status update:

  1. Reviews continue to trickle in for both Edge Station and Crows’ Gambit.  I ran (free) promotions on both of these, and many people (hundreds) downloaded Kindle versions of the books.  My hope is that a significant fraction of those people decide to support my books through positive reviews.
  2. I’m working my way through A Fragment of Nothing with the help of the excellent people at the Science Fiction & Fantasy Online Writers’ Workshop (affectionally known as “the OWW”).  I’m about 40% of the way through that process.  The story and its telling are both the better for it.
  3. I’ve finished another pass on the update to Locust Queen’s Feast.  Not too many more changes, though I am tempted to tear into it One More Time.  Trying to resist that temptation.

We’re into summer here in this hemisphere.  Temperature is mild right now, but the mercury is supposed to climb later.  Book Three of the trilogy waits with more patience than I deserve.

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