About Me

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A scientist by training, I hold a PhD in mathematical physics from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. I carved out a career as a software engineer and worked for startups, established companies, and research organizations. For many years, I surfed the leading edge of the high tech wave.  Eventually, a sea change carried me into uncharted waters.

At the right, you can see the tiny building (well under 100 square feet) I use as my writing studio

Besides writing, I play passable guitar, teach yoga, lift weights, and garden.  And I cook.  I love to cook.


Through a combination of good luck and business opportunity, I've lived in (alphabetical order) CA, CO, NM, and WA for extended periods. All have their charm and I've enjoyed each place. Living in these lovely states has also given me an excuse to travel throughout most of the western, northwestern and southwestern United States.

A_Man_And His_Deck

I've had the pleasure of visiting Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona many times. I've dodged huge, jackknifed trucks in blinding snow as I made my way across Wyoming in November. I've hung out in downtown Helena and had a beer at the Blackfoot River Brewery. I've stood in dusty silence at the foot of a lonely memorial to murdered coal miners in Southern Colorado. I've craned my neck at the Great Salt Lake more times than I can remember.

BTW, I built this site with a software tool called Sandvox.  You can find out more about that at their website (Karelia.com). Also, here’s a link to an interview and a website profile in case you’d like more background about the Sandvox tool.

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