Michael’s Pen is where I provide information about what’s going on with my writing projects.  


Edge Station is out and is getting good reviews.  This book is “hard” science fiction about dystopian human society that encounters an advanced alien race.  We’re talking AIs, warp drive, advanced bio-implants… the whole nine parsecs.

Crows’ Gambit is in mothballs for a couple of months.  That’s not because of any problem.  Quite the contrary: I’m pretty happy with the story and want to let it settle for a while before coming back to it for intense editing.

I now have a rough draft of the long-awaited (for me and a few other people, anyway) sequel to Locust Queen’s Feast.  Note: For a while I thought I’d call it A Creature Of Negation.  Nobody liked that title much, so I put it back the way it was: A Fragment of Nothing (FON for short).  See my blog for details.  

BTW, there’s an RSS feed for my blog. That’s where you’ll get the most frequent updates on what I’m up to.  Someday, maybe, a lot of people will subscribe.  Hey.  I can dream.

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