Crows’ Gambit is up and running.  Sales have started; have a few reviews… and many positive comments!  This one’s registered under Kindle Unlimited, so subscribers to that service can read it for free.  Contemplating some kind of marketing program but want to let it settle a bit, acquire a few more reviews.


Edge Station is out and is getting good reviews.  This book is “hard” science fiction about dystopian human society that encounters an advanced alien race.  We’re talking AIs, warp drive, advanced bio-implants… the whole nine parsecs.

I continue to receive requests for a sequel to my first novel, The Locust Queen’s Feast.  Recently, I was at a party and someone I don’t know from Adam asked me about it! 

“So, when’s the sequel to Locust Queen’s Feast coming out?” he asked. 

Now that was really something.   

At this point, I'm in the final stages of that process.  The book’s done and in the editor’s hands.  For a while I thought I’d call it A Creature Of Negation.  Nobody liked that title much, so I put it back the way it was: A Fragment of Nothing (FON for short).  See my blog for details.  

BUT (and isn’t there always one of those?) I just didn't feel that I could release FON until I edited and re-released LQF.  Out of respect for people who have already read it, I didn’t change the story or the characters, but based on what I’ve learned in the last few years, I felt compelled to polish the writing. 

That’s done now, and the book’s been quietly re-released.  If you’ve already read it, there’s absolutely no need to buy the new version.  I promise: it’s the same story with the same characters and the same ending; I just cut out a bunch of superfluous stuff!  Of course I won’t complain if you feel compelled to purchase a fresh copy…

BTW, there’s an RSS feed for my blog. That’s where you’ll get the most frequent updates on what I’m up to.  Someday, maybe, a lot of people will subscribe.  Hey.  I can dream.

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